Corporate Needs

We are able to do the traditional parties held throughout a year, but we also have an 11’ projector screen with a high quality canon projector for your presentation needs.

We also have 2 Sennheiser wireless headset microphones, 1 Sennheiser wireless handheld microphone, and 1 corded microphone.  We can add up to 6 more microphones based on your needs.

You can choose 2 or 4 Peavey (concert) speakers for up to 6 – 15” woofers for large venue applications whether indoors or outdoors.

Our light and affects show is at the top of the industry.  You can see our light pre-shows on youtube.

We are also able to provide décor to complete theme dances.

Contact Scott at 303-257-6409 for more information.  This page under development.